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What is the difference between Comprehensive and Collision Coverage?

Comprehensive coverage covers your car for fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage and animal accidents. This coverage is subject to a deductible, and does not surcharge your policy. Collision coverage, is just that, it covers your car when you collide with something. This is subject to a deductible, and typically affects your insurance rate.

What is the state minimum coverage? Do I need more than the minimum?

Utah requires bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000 each person, $65,000 each accident and $25,000 property damage per accident. This is the coverage used to protect the public, in case of an accident that is not their fault. Everyone needs more coverage than this, each person must decide what they can afford and what assets they need to protect. A good agent can guide you through the process of choosing coverage.

Does my insurance pay if someone else is driving my car?

Yes, so long as they are not excluded from your policy.

If I rent a car while on vacation, do I need to buy auto insurance that the rental agency tries to sell me?

Your policy will cover you for a rental as if it were on your policy. It will be subjected to the same deductible limitations.

What do I need to do if I purchase a new car?

Always report the new car to your agent as soon as practical. You have coverage that extends from your insurance policy, but depending on your coverage, it may not be what you need to cover that new car.

Does my auto insurance policy still cover my children while they are living away from home at college? What about when they return home for the summer?

You would want to list them as 'students away'. This gives you a discount still, and allows them to drive your cars when they visit home. This only applies if they don't take a vehicle with them.

What does my credit history have to do with my insurance rate?

Several years ago, company actuaries determined that there was a correlation between the number of claims filed and an insured's credit history. The better their credit, the less likely they were to file claims. These rates are filed with the state and are reflected in the price you pay for insurance.


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